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Founder & President

Qaiser Mukhtar

Qaiser Mukhtar is the founder and President of Voice of Voiceless Organization. He born March 15, 1983 in the city Lahore the heart of Pakistan. He belongs to a Christian Catholic family who has great faith and fear of Christ Jesus the Lord. He always takes part in the church activities. He is the law student as he has the passion to serve the voiceless when he will be a lawyer. As he has the passion to serve the people and he started doing work as a social worker in 2008 and he share the things with his family members that there is great many work to do which I have seen during these three years of my work and his family guided and suggested him to work for them and have your own organization so he started his own organization with the name Voice of Voiceless Organization 2012. His passion became more strong when one day he was watching an Indian movie where a poor girl was raped by an elite politician and the hero of that film has a great sympathy for that girl and wanted to help that poor girl and from then this idea struck his mind voice of voiceless and one more thing inspire him that was Mother Teresa saying,
“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”
He has organized, conducted and attended different topics such as Development issues, Communication, Community problems, Family issues, Education, Social, political, economic and cultural Analysis, Cooperatives, Adult Education, Health Care, Labor issues. He is currently continue his LLB study. He has command on English, Urdu and Punjabi and the some knowledge of the different language are being spoken in the remote areas of his working. He has already worked for the lawyers association with the senior lawyers for more than 4 years in the field of labor and the women rights. He believes all of her previous experience and training was merely preparation for being a part of God’s plan at Voice of Voiceless Organization. His strong desire is to experience with us the deep joy, peace and justice which comes from personal interaction with God’s people. He even believes that Voice of Voiceless Organization unusually represent God’s activity in these important days. He always thinks that the value of people to God cannot be overstated and this is why our motto is People are the purpose, Regardless of race, back ground, age, sex or social class, God’s heart always moves towards the people for whom Jesus died. It is also the goal of Voice of Voiceless Organization to love people. He has also a mission to be a vehicle of transformation in the community and beyond. He has a passion even that Holy Bible is the best gift for donation. He thinks that when we gift Holy Bible to our beloved and we share our Lord Jesus Christ with one another. So we should gift the Holy Bible to our beloved so the Holy Bible can be reached to all over the world with in no time and every one should have his/her own Holy Bible and by doing this we may proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ. He even thinks and has passion that every Christian student should have his/her own Bible so children can read the Holy Bible regularly on daily bases. He also thinks that if we sponsor one child only, so the every Christian child can be highly educated in Pakistan.


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Voice of Voiceless Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental and nonpolitical organization established by the group of human rights activist and the human rights defenders to be the voice of the victimized people and the voice of voiceless.,

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Sponsoring a child is a very effective way of helping lone children to experience the love of a family and mother. In return you can see the real impact that your support makes. Our child sponsors often get a warm satisfaction of seeing a little girl or boy with nothing; grow up into an independent happy person, thanks to child sponsorship.